Tas Tzikas was suffering from lower back pain and poor flexibility. This was not just a physical issue, as it was affecting the quality of his life including his ability to be able to play games and sports with his sons. Tas was looking for something to help improve his back pain, his flexibility and to get him back into the game of life. That’s where Aligned for Life and The Pilates Method comes in. We spoke to Tas to find out more.


Why did you start learning The Pilates Method?

“It was recommended by my chiropractor to sort out my lower back pain and to increase my flexibility. This was an alternative to a more drastic measure of having surgery. I have a lot of friends that are doing The Pilates Method with Aligned For Life Pilates and they were and still are getting wonderful results. I also had a friend that is doing it to help after his surgery and he swears by it.”


What was your physical health like before you started at Aligned for Life Pilates?

“It was average. I had constant back pain and a real lack of flexibility. With 2 boys at 8 & 6 years old something had to change. Now I can happily play with the boys. What Chantel has done for me this year has been amazing. She always gives 110%. I’ve done different types of pilates before but nothing compares to the expertise and care given by Chantel and The Pilates Method of training. It really was chalk and cheese. She is so knowledgeable, caring and nurturing and guides me through the whole process. I do the one on one sessions with Chantel and it is great!


What are some of the results you have achieved with The Pilates Method so far?

“I can now manage my back pain and my flexibility is so much better I am able to play tennis again which I hadn’t done in such a long time. Being able to play tennis again is wonderful. It’s had a huge impact on my lifestyle in such a positive way. I’m able to play with my kids like never before. Now we’re constantly moving on scooters, playing sports and things like that.”

What is it like to train with Aligned For Life Pilates?

“They are great. I have some friends that I know who also go to Aligned For Life Pilates and they both say the same thing. One friend has been going there since AFL started. It is always a great experience, very positive and everyone is very helpful. I look forward to going to my sessions which is a bit opposite to when I have to go to the gym that’s for sure!



What would you say to anyone who was suffering from pain or discomfort and was considering starting The Pilates Method?

“Take it on. Don’t hesitate. I always happy to recommend starting with Aligned for Life Pilates to anyone.”

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