With some exciting new changes in the Richmond studio, we decided to do an interview with the new owner Wendy Turner. Wendy has a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for pilates. Here’s what Wendy had to say.


Can you share with us a bit about your pilates journey?

“I’m the new owner of Aligned for life Pilates in Richmond. I’ve been practicing Pilates for the last 14 years and decided in 2009 that I wanted to have a career change and teach Pilates to others. I qualified with National Pilates Training at the end of 2010. I’m balancing teaching Pilates and running a studio with golf, hopefully twice a week to maintain my skills, caring for my two whippets, and with my husband Warwick looking after two gardens and houses. ”


I hear you’ve made a recovery from serious illness. Can you tell us about your illness and what you did to get yourself on the road recovery?

“I was successfully treated for cancer one year ago. Due to my twice weekly Pilates classes with Katrina Edwards and a focus on leading a healthy life, I felt very strong going into my treatment regime. I listened to my body and started Pilates again when I felt that I had enough strength to physically cope with that level of exercise. It didn’t take long to start to see positive changes. I’m a great believer in listening to your body.”



One of your hobbies is golf, can tell me a bit about that?

“In 2013 I started playing golf. Pilates has really benefited my golf game and I wanted to share that with other women at my club, the Box Hill Golf Club.”


What are your preactivation tips before golfing and where can we find your videos?

“Because torso rotation is such a significant part of a golf swing, I start with standing wall rotations and then move to flat back twists with a golf club held across my shoulders. Single leg standing leg bends on each leg are beneficial in building strength in the hips to anchor the body and provide some power behind the swing. I’ve recently made some pre activation videos which are on the Aligned for Life Pilates you tube channel for all to see”



You can connect with Wendy on wendy@alignedforlife.com.au and come see her at Aligned For Life Pilates in Richmond today!