What Pilates can do for YOU

At Aligned for Life Pilates we provide an individual tailored program for each client so that every client reaches their physical potential. Our instructors range in experience from students who are working within our supervised student clinics, to Principal instructors who have been teaching for 15 years (plus).

Our instructors are passionate about sharing the benefits of the Pilates method through their own personal experiences. All staff at Aligned for Life Pilates have a minimum Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (91491NSW), with several having achieved higher qualifications.

Clients can be confident in the knowledge that the quality of instruction, and the wealth of knowledge and experience of our instructors, combined with the passion and commitment of Aligned for Life Pilates, provides every opportunity for a successful outcome.

Pilates And Pregnancy My Journey So Far

In late January this year, I arrived for my regular studio session with Katrina Edwards looking somewhat green around the gills. I had gotten off my train early as I was feeling nauseous and had walked to the studio through town. This will sound familiar to a lot of mothers, but I couldn’t believe how much I could smell as I walked along. And everything smelled horrible! For the first time ever, I cancelled out of my session with Katrina at the last minute and then, after struggling through teaching that morning, went home as quickly as I could. Learn more

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Pre Natal Preparation and Post Natal Rehabilitation
By Kath Banks

Pregnancy is wonderful and exciting, but it also signifies a time of change, especially for the body. Many expectant mothers embrace their new found curves and growing tummy, while others dislike not being in control of their own body. Either way all mothers want the best for their child and exercise, including the Pilates Method, has a positive impact on both mother and baby throughout all stages of pregnancy.

The Pilates Method is the ideal form of exercise for pregnancy, when taught by a fully qualified instructor in a fully equipped studio. Both the nature of the work and equipment used allow the workout to focus on the body in its entirety, as well as being completely adaptable in terms of load for strength gain, range of movement and body positioning. This caters not only to the different stages of pregnancy, but to each individual pregnancy as well.

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Cross Training

Why is cross training important and what is it?

The body becomes accustomed to the movements associated with a certain sport or activity. Performing the actions required for that sport or activity places stress and load on the same joint(s) and muscle(s) time after time – thus creating an imbalance within the body which needs to be rectified. Cross training continues to work the parts of the body needed to perform your particilar sport or activity, however it also places special emphasis on training the opposing parts of the body as well. This restores balance and reduces the risk of repetitive strain and other injuries.

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Sport Specific Conditioning

Whether you are an AFL footballer, circus performer, play district cricket or enjoy a weekly round of golf, we all enjoy feeling successful no matter what level. The benefits of attending Pilates studio sessions for specific sport conditioning will have immediate impact on your specific sport. All sports have unique and specific skills and requirements. These can all be addressed in a well programmed Pilates studio session. The impact will be felt immediately and will have a significant effect on your chosen sport.

At Aligned for Life Pilates we have been involved with the following elite sport groups:


  • VIS Gymnastics
  • Williamstown VFL Club
  • Essendon Football Club
  • Western Bulldogs Football Club (current)
  • VFL individual players (current)
  • Essendon Baseball Club (current)

Dance Specific Conditioning

As a dancer, both the professional and the hobbyist is working for the sometimes unobtainable perfect technique. Along the way the dancer is striving for a perfect physique to cope with the demands that come with learning new steps, styles and choreography. Along the way many suffer serious injuries – some of which come about from poor technique, and others from fatigue and overuse. At Aligned for Life Pilates we specialise in understanding the demands of a dancer, the technique required and therefore the importance of cross training. Undertaking Pilates studio sessions with quality instruction is an essential part of developing a sound technique and physical maturity.

At Aligned for Life Pilates we have been involved with the following elite dance groups:

  • Performers from King Kong, Jersey Boys and A Chorus Line
  • Triathletes
  • Victorian College of the Arts – dancers (current)
  • Dance Partners Albert Park & North Melbourne (current)
  • NICA Circus (current)

We are proud to say we are working in conjunction with none other than Paula Baird-Colt from the Australian Ballet. See and hear from Paula in this video:

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A scoliotic spine is a spine which curves sideways, either in a “C” or an “S” shape, as opposed to the standard spine which looks to be in a straight line from the back. There is also often an element of rotation with scoliosis, so that the spine appears twisted. Learn more

What Causes Incontinence?

The pelvic floor muscles support the internal organs, including the bladder, uterus and rectum, and keep them safely supported inside the body.

Over time however, wear and tear, or additional load (for example the weight of a baby during pregnancy) can weaken the pelvic floor. One of the results of such weakness is incontinence.

The Pilates method by its very nature helps prevent (and treat) incontinence. Our focus on strengthening of the core muscles, including the pelvic floor, means that clients are continually improving that vital support for the internal organs. A qualified Pilates instructor will include specific pelvic floor activation exercises in each session, recommending practice at home daily to promote pelvic floor control and strength for general health and wellbeing.

At Aligned for Life Pilates we recommend treatment from a qualified health practitioner combined with a tailored and specific Pilates program from an experienced Pilates professional.


Osteoporosis is a degenerative condition which reduces bone density, resulting in brittle bones. Sufferers do not always feel pain – sometimes their first indication that something is wrong is a fractured or broken bone. Learn more

Scheuermann’s Disease

A kyphotic spine is one where the spine curves outward, most commonly in the thoracic area, causing the neck and shoulders to round forward. The term Scheuermann’s Disease refers to a type of kyphosis that is most often seen in boys of adolescent age. In cases of Scheuermann’s the vertebrae become wedge shaped to reflect the spinal curvature. The intervertebral discs can also develop abnormally and this can lead to herniations. Learn more

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and StrainsThe term “sprain” refers to an injury to a ligament when a joint is forced past its normal range. There are three grades of sprain, which are as follows: Learn more

Bursitis (stands for Bursa-itis – “itis” meaning inflammation)

BursitisA Bursa is a flexible sac containing synovial fluid. Bursae sit around the joints to protect against friction between bones and soft tissue, allowing bones to glide over muscle. The fluid-filled structure of bursae also allows them to act as shock absorbers. Bursitis is inflammation of the sac, commonly seen in the hip and shoulder regions. Learn more

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

The Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) is a two sided joint, joining the Sacrum with each of Ilium (hip bones).  Learn more

Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis

A joint is made up of smooth cartilage which allows free movement between bones.

Joint degeneration happens as a result of a breakdown of cartilage, leaving an uneven surface of bone against bone – the “broken glass” feeling associated with arthritis.

At Aligned for Life Pilates we work with qualified health practitioners to relieve joint pain caused by degeneration and osteoarthritis. We recommend two supervised studio sessions per week with a senior instructor, aiming to work within a pain-free range of motion and firstly unloading the joint, gently separating the joint surfaces and creating a release of pressure within the affected joint/s. Going forward we also work to increase mobility and strength in the surrounding muscles to help address these conditions.

Knee Reconstructions and Other Injuries

patellofemoral_syndromeLike the hip, the knee joint carries a large amount of the body’s load and, as such, any conditions or injuries need to be properly cared for and managed. Common injuries include meniscus and ligament tears, as well as Patello Femoral Syndrome. Learn more

Hip Replacements and Other Injuries

Hip ReplacementHip replacements are surgical procedures in which the relevant joint is replaced or repaired using a prosthetic implant. This type of surgery is usually performed as a means of reducing arthritis pain or fixing severe joint damage.
Once a client has recovered sufficiently from their surgery to receive medical clearance, it is highly advisable that they begin a routine of strengthening and mobility exercises in order to relieve pain and reduce stiffness and further damage. The Pilates method, when delivered by a quality instructor, is an excellent way of strengthening and mobilising the joint, and indeed of working the whole body in concert with the repaired joint. Adverse effects of the surgery, such as chronic pain and limb imbalances, can also be relieved by applying the Pilates method and a systematic approach to programming.

Other hip conditions include strains caused by overuse or trauma, bursitis, osteoarthritis, and joint degeneration. In particular joint degeneration causes loss of movement within the joint, which can cause gait changes and back pain. The hip joint carries so much of the body’s load and hip health has such flow-on effects throughout the musculoskeletal system, that hip health via a well planned Pilates and exercise program is essential. A client returning from hip replacement will need a minimum of two Pilates sessions per week.

Lower Back Pain

The Spine LX PainThe spine is made up of 26 vertebrae – 7 cervical (C1-C7), 12 thoracic (T1-T12), 5 lumbar (L1-L5) 1 sacral (comprising 5 fused vertebrae).

The spine likes to move. Prolonged sitting or standing increases the work of the spinal muscles and therefore contributes to fatigue. The back, with its curves, is built for movement. Prolonged sitting, prolonged standing will cause discomfort, pain and possibly may lead to more acute injuries.

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Shoulder Impingements and Other Injuries

Learn more

Postural Alignment

Postural AlignmentIdeal postural alignment allows the body to support itself in an upright position with minimum stress on joints, muscles and organs, for life, sports and activity.

The body needs to be well managed across all areas to maintain good posture. It needs daily aerobic exercise (recommended 30-40 minutes) along with a well designed strength and flexibility program in order for it to maintain optimal function. Learn more

For even more information on Pilates and how it can help your body, check out our Knowledge Base.