4908_1004_premier_reformer_large[1]Probably the most recognisable piece of Pilates equipment is the Pilates Reformer.

Made up of a bed-like frame, the Reformer features a set of pulleys and springs as well as a moving carriage, which rolls back and forth within the frame.  The springs can be adjusted to provide different resistance levels, which can challenge or assist each client as needed.

The Reformer is a wonderfully versatile piece of equipment, offering limitless possiblities for challenge.  It is great for toning, strengthening and increasing flexibility.  Clients can work lying down, sitting, kneeling, standing, and using the straps, footbar, shoulder blocks and additional equipment, with numerous variations.  This means that the Reformer can condition and strengthen many areas of the body during a single session.  The use of a moving carriage also creates a challenging workout and provides an opportunity for the body to develop an understanding of stability.  The Reformer’s low impact on joints and its adaptability make it suitable for those of all fitness levels and levels of experience.

Cadillac Cadillac

The Pilates Cadillac captures your imagination.  It is a highly engaging piece of equipment.
Originally the Cadillac was designed by Joseph Pilates to enable bed ridden patients to retain movement, and if you look closely you can see similarities between the Cadillac and a hospital bed.  It has a wide range of features, including leg springs, arm springs, fuzzy loops (for support and also to create traction), a push-through bar and a trapeze (which is why you will sometimes hear the Cadillac referred to as a “Trap Table” or “Trapeze”).

Like the Reformer, the Cadillac is a very versatile apparatus but it is also a complex apparatus.  It can be used to assist or challenge clients according to their specific needs.  It provides an excellent (and difficult) work out for advanced students, but can also be used for remedial work to assist clients recovering from injuries or postural imbalances.

There are many circus type tricks and challenges to discover on the Cadillac.  An example is using the frame and the fuzzies for tumbling and inverted work, which is great for cross training, conditioning and general fitness – besides also being a lot of fun!

Wunda Chair

Wunda ChairThe Wunda Chair isn’t called a “Wunda” Chair for no reason!  This small, portable and versatile apparatus has unique capabilities.  Just when you are thinking you have achieved adequate strength, stability and flexibility, the Wunda Chair reminds you that there is always further to go.

The Wunda Chair creates opportunities for increased challenge to shoulders and stability, postural and spinal fitness, and powerful abdominal sequences.  Adding Wunda Chair exercises into the Pilates studio session adds dynamic, challenge and intensity.  All necessary ingredients for improved physical health and well being.

Pilates Arm Chair

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High Barrel

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Foot and Toe Correctors

Foot Corrector

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