A lifetime of heavy work in the construction industry took its toll on my body. Two and a half years ago after a range of injuries my doctor advised me that my body was as stiff as a plank and I should do something about it to prevent further injuries.

I took up Pilates and thanks to Kath, Danielle and the team at Aligned for Life Pilates, Moonee Ponds my body is in better shape.

Not only has Pilates allowed me to work relatively injury free but it has helped me with my love of competitive ballroom dancing. I now feel stronger especially with the use of core muscles and I feel that I have developed better posture and balance.

Thanks again to all instructors at Aligned for Life, Moonee Ponds.

P.S. We won our first dancesport competition back after eighteen months off!

Mark Dennerly – Current Moonee Ponds Client


In September 2004 I took my first tentative steps into the Aligned for Life Pilates studio. My steps were tentative due to a disk injury in my lower back. While physio had helped me get back on my feet, at only 35 years of age, any kind of sport seemed impossible to me due to the new limitations I could feel in my body.

Five years with Aligned for Life has changed this outlook, rather dramatically. In the five years I have had four brilliant teachers and have worked up from rehabilitation Pilates, to more complicated Pilates and now use Pilates as a physical condition tool for my new sport. Two years ago I started my mixed martial arts training and I am using Pilates as the most significant part of my physical conditioning program. I am now able to train five times a week or more and have now had a few mixed martial arts bouts without any impact on my old back injury. I know in my heart that none of this would be possible without the expert tuition I have received from the brilliant staff at Aligned for Life.

As always your staff were professional and conveyed themselves with great knowledge of their art and that translated to a great training session for me. I’ve had ongoing back problems all my life due to training in elite level sport from probably a too young age but a week or two of your Pilates and I’m feeling fantastic and stronger than when I do weight training! Its been a long road back from a serious neck injury five years ago and only in the past year have I been able to go back to the sports and activities I love – but again my back is playing up due to the increase in intensity and frequency of my training – so back to Pilates I come, and I don’t think I’ll stop this time – its just too beneficial for me! You guys really know your stuff and I’m looking forward to my next session and my new self as a result. Just a wee thank you to all my instructors there for making the training and my life so much better

After two babies in two years and plagued with back and neck problems I discovered Aligned for Life Pilates. In the eight years I have been attending one studio session a week I have gone from weekly physio appointments to yearly ones. I can maintain my health with the help from the instructors and really notice the difference when I occasionally miss a session. Now I don’t know how I could live without it!!

After many years of frustration of managing the proposed (often unrealistic) fitness regime against my actual output and subsequent results, I finally turned up at my first Pilates class at Aligned for Life – recommended by one of my most health conscious and physically fit friends. Four years later of consistent practice (i.e. twice a week for an hour, which is an absolute miracle in itself), I can truly say that the results have been extraordinary. Something special happens when you keep turning up to this practice with willingness to reconnect with core strength and quietening of all the demands of the busy world. My body has completely changed – it is stronger, leaner and more graceful than ever before. The reconnection with core strength and breath engages a sense of clarity which therefore creates a space for peak performance in all areas of life. Most importantly makes you feel really, really good and inspires you to keep turning up – it’s a truly remarkable practice for which I am extremely grateful. You should give it a go, it’s amazing!

I have been coming to Aligned for Life Pilates for 7 years now. I have a history…I had been to see a long list of practitioners, none of whom had been able to improve a chronic lower back problem incurred as a result of a sports injury. I was booked in to see a sports medicine specialist who was talking spinal surgery, when I met Katrina Edwards at Aligned for Life Pilates. I had been in constant pain for many years which was restricting my day to day life, and the idea of pursuing sporting activities and other physical interests was not possible. After an initial chat with Katrina, I took up her advice to attend 2 sessions a week and I am still here. The results have been measurable and I now have full range of motion, no pain, improved flexibility and my overall general health and well being have surpassed my expectations. I look forward to my sessions every week and feel the benefits of the Pilates method daily. I highly recommend Aligned for Life Pilates.

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to provide this testimonial for the team at Aligned For Life. I am so grateful for the all the instructors I have had the pleasure of working with at the studio. Their attention to each client’s need is second to none with my own tailored programs assisting to achieving my own goals. With such genuine instructors I have been able to develop further then I thought possible and have seen significant improvements in my posture and strength.

Going to my sessions during my lunchbreak is a much a much needed break from the office and definitely something I always look forward to. The team have been very flexible in catering for my busy work schedule which makes it easier for me and is one less thing for me to worry about.