This is an exercise from the Full Body Challenge category of matwork exercises. You will soon see why. The middle part of the flowing sequences includes Teaser, a much Instagrammed exercise, but not easy to do correctly. This exercise takes three breath cycles which reinforces your breathing self-mastery.

Start sitting with legs crossed at the ankles and hands on the floor, just behind the hips, fingers facing forward.Inhale to prepare, exhale to raise legs and curl back to Rollover position (we did Rollover last month).

Inhale to change the cross of the legs, exhale and roll up to Teaser position. Inhale to circle the arms to clasp them behind, exhale to control over into Rowing position forward. Inhale to stack back to start position. Repeat 3-6 times.

Things to watch out for when you’re not doing this exercise under supervision:

  • As per last month, if your neck hurts, please stop and try RollUp instead
  • Hesitate briefly as you reach each of the individual positions –Rollover, Teaser, Rowing –rather than moving straight into the next movement. This will give you more control. Once you’ve got that, then you can try increasing the pace to challenge your control
  • In the Teaser position, make sure to stay just off your sitz bones so that you maintain abdominal control and a gently ‘C’ curve at the pelvis
  • Keep your legs active throughout


What you will feel:

  • A wonderful sense of controlled flow, especially if you can achieve the slight hesitation as you move into each of the three main positions
  • Your deep abdominal muscles will be working! These assist you in maintaining control throughout the moves
  • Strong and yet stretched at the end!