Experience the Richmond Studio

Take a peak at Aligned for Life Richmond and hear from the studio owner and manager, Wendy Turner, about the great things the studio has to offer you.

“Welcome to Aligned for Life Pilates Richmond.  I’m Wendy Turner and I’ve been the owner since April 2017. I’ll tell you a bit about me. When I turned 60, with all the result in saginess that comes with that age and seemed to come all of a sudden, I was moaning to my husband about it and he said, ‘I think you look fabulous for 60,’ and I was alarmed at that because I don’t want to be fabulous at 60, I just want to be fabulous.

We love working with our clients here with all of their injuries, issues and imbalances – everybody has something that they want to work on. Our clients here range in age from 17 to I’ll say 77, although I think there might be the odd client that’s a bit older than that and we don’t actually have their date of birth on record, and they come to us with all sorts of issues ranging from lower back pain, hip replacements, shoulder and neck strains, osteoporosis, scoliosis, arthritis and dodgy knees – or at least that’s what they call them – so there’s  a place for you here!

We’ve got, as you can see, the full range of Pilates equipment and you’ll get to use that in either a Private session, a Duet session with another person, maybe a friend, or in a small group class of up to 4 people. In that time you’re working under full supervision on a program that’s actually designed specifically for your body, your goals and the things that we want to do for you.

We actually take your fitness and your strength really seriously, but we also sometimes like to have a bit of fun as well. So come along and see us and found out just how fabulous you can be!”