Holiday exercise

To wish all a very Merry Christmas our gift to you is some videos of some exercises you can do with a theraband. This way you can keep yourself moving over the festive season and unwind your stresses of 2018. There are lots of other exercises you can do with your theraband, so make sure you ask your instructor to develop you a take home program, to help keep you ‘moving for life’.

Theraband Rowing

Theraband Cut-a-tree

Theraband book openings

Supine pole with theraband

Mark, who was our fantastic model in these videos, would also like to share about his experience with Pilates.

‘Hi, my name is Mark and I’m 58 years old. I’ve been coming to Pilates classes now for approximately 5 years.

The reason I began coming to Pilates was that after 23 years competitive ballroom dancing and a lifetime of heavy work in the construction industry my body started to let me down. I kept having all sorts of injuries. At the time I thought I was physically fit but after consulting my doctor she advised me that I was quite inflexible and I needed to do something about it or risk further injury.
I decided to give Pilates a go after hearing about some of the benefits.

To be honest I was fairly skeptical when I first started but thought I would persevere anyway, even though I was a slow learner! Persevering did pay off eventually. The difference with dancing was amazing. I had better posture, core strength, muscle control and stamina through better breathing techniques.

The benefit for work was obvious with less recurring injuries. I thoroughly recommend Pilates to anyone who wants to keep their body in tune.’

Have a safe and very merry festive season.

The Aligned for Life Team.