Leg Pull Back

This is a variation on July’s Back Support. It’s significantly more challenge. 

Start in the Back Support position but this time have one leg lifted just off the floor with a long foot.

Inhale to lift raised leg higher, exhale to return to start (leg pull). Try 3 leg pulls on this side, then lower back to the start position. Change legs and repeat on the other side. Come back to a completely seated position to rest.

If you can manage that without your hips tipping from one side to the other, come back into the start position with one leg just lifted.

Inhale to lift raised leg higher, exhale to return to start. Do 3-6 more leg pulls each side, but this time, alternate the legs. This is much more challenging for hip and shoulder stability.


Things to watch out for when you are not doing this exercise under supervision:

  • You should be able to do Back Support well before attempting this exercise
  • Press through floor with your hands to stop your shoulders from sinking
  • Think about keeping the imaginary string between your breastbone and pubic bone connected. This will prevent you from arching your upper back
  • Keep the back of the neck long, don’t let it tip back
  • Avoid letting the pelvis sink or lift too high (this might happen if you try to lift your leg too high). You will be able to glance down to check this (eyes only, no head nods please)

What you will feel

  • A lovely, strong connection at your shoulders, they will feel wide and open at the front
  • Your glutes will be working to maintain hip position
  • You may feel a stretch at shoulders and hips too