When i started to write and prepare for the “is there a ted talk in you” program at slow school of business my self beliefs spoke loudly, my childhood and the lessons learned announced themselves as important. The business owner, teacher and mother had something to say.

Being a part of the “is there a ted talk in you” program at slow school created an extraordinary opportunity to participate. To pull apart, deconstruct and search for meaning. To be ‘real’!

Many uncomfortable and disconcerting moments arose. Periods of not knowing, not being able to link. Fully engaging and participating through all these phases was challenging. Being brave enough to work through these uncomfortable moments when it didn’t feel right or sound right. Having enough courage to allow for disorganisation to occur. Being patient enough to wait for the idea for a story to present itself, but then preparing to accept it is as not the last version.

When we fully participate we experience. It is in the space when we fully take part and then experience we can feel the extraordinary , we can hear the possibilities, we can see the opportunities.
If life became a game of participation we are capable of anything and everything. The ability for anything and everything is found in the nothing. In the pauses, the silences, the quietness. It is in this space that our true capability emerges.

Putting yourself in a new and unfamiliar scenario where you feel out of your comfort zone and safety net, and have made a choice to open up, be exposed and reveal.

Begin by participating today with every part of you and the voice with a message desperate to share will implode and afterwards a heart bursting with pride will overcome you.