Meet Ashlea Crupi

As Pilates instructors, it is important to practice what we preach. When we are on the floor teaching for sometimes three or more hours at a time, it is important to prepare your body for it. Between demonstrating exercises, forward bending to clients or equipment, and constantly changing our postures, being cold and stiff makes it hard, and our bodies can be tired afterwards too. It is important for me to warm up my body due to my past injuries: a disc herniation in my middle back, as well as tendinitis and a labral tear in my hip, and it is just as important to cool down so I am not sore the next day!

Today I will share with you 3 of my favourite warm up exercises.



Spine Corrector Pelvic Curl and Chest Lift

The Spine Corrector Pelvic Curl and Chest Lift exercise is good for me to work on balance and stability, hip extensor activation, abdominal activation and core control. It’s also a good stretch for my middle back in the start position. It targets all of my weaknesses, so is perfect for my body before I get started.

Pelvic curl

Pelvic curls are my go-to exercise when I get to the studio before each shift. I can check in with my spinal articulation, hip mobility and stability, core control and overall alignment. Every day is different, so every time I do it, it feels different. I do this first, see how my body feels, and then tailor my warm up based on my findings!

Spine Corrector Side Lift series

This Spine Corrector Side Lift series goes into other ranges of motion which can sometimes be ignored. We often work in the movements of bending forwards and backwards, and we often forget about rotating and side bending movements. This exercise targets those other ranges, the rotation is especially good for my back and the injury I have, and I also get to work my hip stabilisers. Another perfect one for my body!

When learning to be an instructor, we didn’t just learn how to teach exercises, we did a lot of work on understanding our own bodies, and our personal strengths and weaknesses. With the Osteopathy background behind me, I thought I had a good understanding of my own body. Although while studying the Pilates method, I learnt so much more about my own strengths and weaknesses and how to continuously work to improve myself and look after myself.