Meet Christa

Hear from a lovely client of the Richmond studio, Christa, about Pilates and what she loves about Pilates.

How did you first come to Pilates?

I came to Pilates many years ago, living in Canberra, but when I came down to Melbourne I sort of let it go for 2 years and I was looking for a studio that actually matched my experience in Canberra, and that’s when I found the Richmond studio which was great! I knew the exercises but I was perhaps a little bit further behind in terms of where my regime was, plus I was a little bit older and feeling it a bit more when it comes to work, so that’s how I came.

Great, then tell us what you love about Pilates.

For me, it was something that I’d actually spoken to Lauren about I think a couple of months ago, and that was having realised what it was like to be pain free after working on my Scoliosis! And it wasn’t that I was in terrible pain and it wasn’t that my Scoli was absolutely awful or anything like that, it was more that doing exercises to strengthen one side, absolutely taught me what it was like not to feel my neck and that was just wonderful. And I think for me, apart from being part of my life, Pilates is something that maintains me. It maintains me on a daily basis – I do my exercises in the morning – but also as a studio and also as a social thing.

We’re going to do your favourite exercise, so tell us your favourite exercise and why you love it?

It’s called extended frogs, but I call it ‘Fat frogs’! Fat frogs I love because a part of my Scoli is that my shoulders are often out of whack with my hips, and this forces my hips and shoulders to actually be held but not held in an uncomfortable way, and I get to do all those lovely stretches through my hamstrings, which I love!

Thanks Christa!