Meet Lee

About 4 years ago I discovered I was getting pain in the back of my neck, right in the middle, just below the skull. I rang my physio and made an appointment to look specifically at that. I then went off and had some X-rays which revealed that I had osteophytes, which are like little teeth hanging off the bottom of a vertebra, pressing into the disc and that was the source of the real pain. This pain could hit me anywhere at all and I’d almost go blind down the side of my face. Sometimes the eye itself ached from the referring connection from the spine and up into the head.

So, my neck was reconstructed so to speak, muscularly, within the 1st year.

The thing (pain) could happen at any time, but it’s not happening now – which I am very happy about, I should say. The work I have been doing with Lauren at has been really critical, as well as Wendy’s input too. I think of Wendy as super perfectionist and Lauren the more pragmatic and realistic.

It’s been huge, the changes in my body. The benefit to me has been enormous.

It’s the peace of mind knowing that if I have been having a bad week, say over Christmas for example when I wasn’t doing classes, I know when I go back to the studio we can talk about what I need to learn to do with my body.