Meet Rami & Jess

“I chose Tower for Rami as when he started he could barely reach his fingers to his knees.  This exercise shows that his strength and flexibility have come so far that it is difficult to remember what Rami wasn’t able to do when he started.  One of Rami’s early goals was to be able to touch his toes without any pain and with some trial and error, he certainly surpassed that goal as he now includes regular gym work and running 5-10km each week along with his Pilates session.

Rami’s dedication to his practice shows that Pilates can work!”

Jess maintained a regular exercise routine including Pilates and gym work prior to her third pregnancy and is determined to stay strong and healthy throughout and to return to her previous strength afterwards.

  • PAP arms-Provides great feedback for the shoulder girdle and awareness of standing posture, encouraging length of the spine and naturally supporting with the abdominals and pelvic floor. This arm series is placed towards the end of Jess’s program to allow her to feel opened through the chest and to provide shoulder complex stabilisation and strengthening of the shoulder muscles. With two young children and a third on the way, Jess does a lot of lifting and will soon be nursing as well. This series works to counteract the forward bias she experiences in day to day life. The overhead arm chest stretch at the end provides an extra release through the thoracic and pectorals.
  • Standing Gondola Lunge-This exercise provides hip flexor stretching on the back leg as well as requiring strong engagement of the hip stabilising muscles on the standing leg. Jess needs to be aware of her pelvic alignment and upright torso strength, lifting and activating through the spine, abdominals, pelvic floor and side body. The balance component provides an extra element of challenge. As Jess’s left hip is weaker than her right, we often do extra repetitions on this side to encourage better engagement.”