Meet Rob

Hi, I’m Rob and I’ve been attending Pilates now for about 5 months. I came in for a very damaged shoulder which would have required cortisone treatments, which I didn’t wish to have and immediately, believe it or not, it improved and everything has improved for the rest of my body as well. It’s fantastic and I particularly recommend it to you lazy men.

Cadillac Arms Supine

Rob’s Pilates instructor Lonia has had great success with providing Rob with increased strength, stability and pain free range of movement through basic supine exercises with Rob, including Arms Supine on the Cadillac. Working with precise alignment, together with the appropriate load, has allowed Rob to progress through the Pilates repertoire and improve the function of his shoulder. ‘The Pilates exercise has been very successful’ – Rob

Seated Theraband Rowing

The progression to sitting exercises has been particularly good for strengthening Rob’s torso stability and upper back extensors. Lonia, has done a lot of theraband work with Rob so he could do these exercises at home and take them with him when he went away, recently. He was very appreciative and still diligently does these exercises. Completing just 5-10mins a day of targeted exercises for your specific injury or condition, can make substantial improvements, so remember to ask your instructor for a home exercise program.