“I feel like superwoman”

Wendy Turner has been participating in Pilates for over 14 years and in 2009 she decided it was time for a change in career. That lead her to studying Pilates at National Pilates Training and now she is our larger than life owner at Aligned for Life Pilates Richmond.

We wanted you to get to know Wendy’s personal story a bit more and share with you one of her favourite exercises. Watch these 2 videos to see what Wendy had to share.

“I would describe pilates as controlled exercise that develops strength”

“I used to call it ‘Lava Tummy’ as my tummy used to go ‘blurp’…everywhere”

If you want to connect with Wendy or to find out more about Aligned for Life Pilates and National Pilates training email wendy@alignedforlife.com.au today!