Meet Wendy

Find out why Pilates has been the start of a new life for Wendy and how she has turned her husband into a Pilates convert too.

“My name is Wendy and I am nearly 71 years old and I have been doing Pilates for 3 years. I’ve been active all my life. I am a very keen bush walker and walker and I want to continue that as long as I possibly could and hopefully to the end of my days. However, I have had a history of back and neck problems going back 40 years and I have spent a lot of money on physios. About 3 years ago I had my latest physio appointment and they suggested maybe Pilates might be useful and that they ran Pilates at their physio practise. I tried that, but he wasn’t such a good teacher and my neighbour who has been coming to Aligned for Life for a long, long time suggest I come here.

That has been the start of a new life for me. It has just been absolutely fantastic. I no longer have neck or shoulder issues; my posture has increased, I am continuing walking holidays and I became so enthusiastic I suggested to my partner that he comes to Pilates as well. He was pretty negative about it, so I decided the only way to introduce him to it was give him a series of 10 lessons as a Christmas present. He actually really enjoyed it. So much so that he signed up and if he misses his session from another commitment, he wants to make it up that week rather than wait until the next week, so he has become a Pilates convert as well. I think that’s really terrific because he could really do with it, maybe even more than me.”

Hanging back provides Wendy with both strength & confidence

“I really like the ‘hanging back’ exercise. I like it because I feel as though I am having to use some strength and once I got over the ‘oooohhhhh’ I’m hanging on my own and nothing is supporting me feeling, I realised it’s not as hard as I thought so it gave me a lot of confidence. I just like being suspended up there and moving around. It feels great.”

This was literally the first time Wendy had ever done the step-up on the High Chair, so she actually did a fabulous job, even if she didn’t think so!

“This is the first time I have done the step-up exercise today and I really, really like it. I’m not very good at it yet, but I’ll get there.”

Back support – ticking off many boxes

Wendy performs the back support prep with such precision and control. We use the scooter box and the wunda chair step to make it more accessible to her. Such a great exercise to provide load through various parts of the body to support & combat her osteoporosis, strength through the hips to support her hip replacement, as well as opening up her chest & working her upper back for postural correction.

It’s a family affair – Wendy and Geoff are just one of the many family members doing Pilates together.

Wendy was so enthusiastic about Pilates she bought her partner Geoff, Pilates sessions as a Christmas present. Geoff & Wendy are just 1 of 10 couples participating in Pilates at Moonee Ponds, as well there being several other families with multiple family members. We really are 1 big happy family out at Moonee Ponds, keeping everyone moving for life. Feel free to grab a referral card or purchase a gift for life, if you have a loved one who would also benefit from moving with more ease, allowing them to participate more fully in life.

To purchase a ‘Gift for Life – Pilates Starter Pack’ contact your local Aligned for Life studio.