Oh my goodness I will never be able to do this…well now I can!

Lauren Kempster has been practicing pilates since the age of 15 when she began mat classes to help with dancing injuries. She was instantly hooked!

As part of her journey living out her dream as an actor, Lauren was accepted into a post-graduate program at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. In London and indeed wherever she is in the world, Pilates has been a welcome friend throughout her life in both the stressful and the stress-free times.

It wasn’t until Lauren was diagnosed with a hip injury that she discovered the true magic of Pilates. The practice of Pilates as her rehab helped her regain her range of movement and reduced her pain symptoms. After this life changing realisation Lauren decided to take her interest further and train as a pilates instructor.

Lauren tells about her love of pilates and shows us her the infamous “Control Balance” which had her saying “I will never be able to do this”…but now she can!

“What I love about pilates is that it is for everyone.
It really does celebrate your body and what your body can do.”

“What I love most about it is that it hits all my target areas

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