At Aligned for Life, we’ve noticed an interesting trend: a large number of our clients are somehow related to each other!

In fact, a recent count found that more than 20% of clients are either partners, family members, or friends.

We asked ourselves why. Some of the answers were obvious, some less so.

  1. It’s well known that making arrangements and committing to exercising with someone else makes you both more accountable, meaning you actually turn up and get the session done.
  2. Exercising with a friend or partner can also bring you closer together. In a Pilates context, taking part in a session is as much about refreshing your mind as it is about working your body, so doing this with someone you care about can help you to reconnect, and tune out some of the noise that we all have in our everyday lives.
  3. Doing Pilates with a partner or friend is also a lot of fun. Chatting and catching up, while hanging upside down on the Cadillac or doing The Hundred can be a great way to forget you’re even exercising!
  4. A bit of friendly competition never hurt anybody. Pushing and challenging each other can motivate you to work harder and help you both to progress and reach your goals.
  5. It allows you to share something you enjoy with someone you care about. We find our clients often go home and rave so much about their experience with us, that it’s not long before a friend or family member wants to come along and find out what all the fuss is about.

So, if ever you find yourself struggling for motivation, or you’re already a client of ours and want to share your experience, why not invite a friend or loved one to join you?