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“We’ve been doing what we do, teaching the Pilates method to students, staff and colleagues within the industry for the last 15+ years. As a training organisation, we’ve been delivering government accredited qualifications for the last 15 years. What I still love about what we do, is that our training is fantastic. Speaking to industry peers, speaking to studio owners and also listening to student responses after they graduate – our courses give you the skills and knowledge to be able to apply, but also to be employed within the industry and also just generally within the workforce.

The skills and knowledge that you get from doing a comprehensive Pilates course are vast. Being able to adapt the work from matwork to apparatus, from populations to conditions and injuries requires comprehensive training. For most courses that are accredited, it takes time to build those skills and knowledge, so be ready, it is a commitment. Even if  you choose to just teach the Pilates matwork, the more time you spend getting to know the exercises and building the skills to be able to assess, analyse and program ensures that the customers that do your classes will come back. They feel good when they leave because they understand the work a little more deeply physically and the teacher has good skills in order to be able to deliver that.

The staff here at National Pilates Training are highly experienced. They’ve all committed to their job as an educator, teacher, presenter and mentor. Because it’s a nationally accredited course and because it’s a government accredited  qualification, the teachers and presenters here need extra skills and qualifications. So apart from their Pilates experience and apart from the fact that most of them have been practicing the work for 15 years+, they need extra qualifications to work within our RTO, to work within National Pilates training. They need a qualification called TAE – Training & Assessment. That qualification teaches them how to put plans, processes and strategies together so that when they lecture, the learner not only understands the material they’re delivering but also ends up with the outcome, so it gets them from point A to point B in a sequential order. They’ve also got to have assessor skills and assessor qualifications ensuring that you, the student, receives a non-bias judgement and a clear outcome in order to gain your qualification and certificate.

So those things for us over the last 15 years have been integral – vital to developing the Pilates industry but also important that you, the customer, who pays considerable money, receives what you thought you were going to get. A qualification for us is about the outcome, it’s about the student experience, and at National Pilates Training, that’s the most important thing for us.

We feel if we keep delivering and if we keep continuing to improve what we think we know, keeping up with current research and keeping current with what it is that people in the population need… so the ongoing continual lower back pain. It’s a common condition, so for us as Pilates teachers we need to continue to be very good at managing that and helping people get out of pain. So doing a comprehensive Pilates course, ensuring that that’s exactly what you’re going to learn as you embark on your Pilates journey and study is important.

You need a depth of knowledge. You need to know how all of this works. You need to know the Cadillac, the Wunda Chair, the Reformer, the mat and all the small pieces that Joseph Pilates devised and developed which are so unique to to his method. The more depth you go into and the more comprehensive the training is, the more capable you are coming out, so therefore the more employable you are.

For us, the typical job is within a fully equipped Pilates studio like you see behind me here at Aligned for Life Pilates. As you travel the world, this is a typical Pilates studio – it’s fully equipped. So if you want a job in the Pilates industry, think about your outcome and think about where you want to be.

Learning from experts, learning from people who are committed, passionate and therefore giving you an understanding of the work with a sense of honesty and a sense of authenticity – that’s us. Come and say hello, we’d love to show you what we do. Observe us in action before you decide which course to take up. Have fun!”

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