Thea Osborne

“For me, Pilates starts with honesty and acceptance of the present bodily condition, further discovering its mechanics, delighting in the changing outlook and aspiring to achieve new challenges.”

Thea has an extensive background in creative arts and design, having worked the majority of her adult years as a skilled Gold and Silversmith in Melbourne. Sixteen years of manufacturing handcrafted fine jewellery come with postural side effects, and after several diagnoses of chronic health conditions, she sought physical therapy to manage these.

Thea began her Pilates practice in 2013 through visiting an osteopath and Pilates teacher for treatment of upper back and neck pain and was soon attending studio classes every week, later adding matwork into her routine to further extend her endurance.

It was here that she found significant changes in overall health and wellbeing, and able to balance a busier work schedule due to improved physicality and reduced fatigue.
For Thea, regular Pilates practice offers a deep level of physical awareness, personal growth and an ever-expanding urge to learn more about the body and self-care.

After several years of Pilates practice, Thea developed a desire to work directly with people and help them discover the benefits of discover the Pilates as she had done. She completed her Certificate of Pilates Matwork Instruction with National Pilates Training Australia in 2019. 

She is currently upgrading her qualification to the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, whilst working as a Matwork instructor for Aligned for Life in Melbourne CBD. 

Thea’s passion is to assist and empathise with others who experience limitations from chronic pain and illness, and enable people to maintain a functional body where pain would otherwise limit them. 

Her love of creative movement is complimented by the broad scope which Pilates enables the body to physically master.


  • Cert IV of Pilates Matwork Instruction, National Pilates Training
  • Advanced Diploma of Gold and Silversmithing, NMIT


  • Drawing, Making, Gardening, Food, Art, Animals, Good company & Going bush!

Fun facts

  • Thea has an interest in theatrical costume and singing. She continues to design and make jewellery from home, and owns 37 indoor plants (and counting!)


  • Aligned for Life CBD


  • 2019 Teaching Matwork Pilates and counting