Jenny Song

“Pilates is a lifetime journey to find your true self through the mind-body-spirit connection.”

Jenny is a qualified Pilates Instructor with a Theatre nursing background. Her Pilates journey began due to her chronic back pain throughout her nursing career and she was inspired by the mind-body connection and transformation as she immediately felt the body change. Throughout her journey as a Pilates instructor Jenny has found it very rewarding, as she can guide the clients on their own journey to share their passion for the movement and its positive effects on our minds. Her extensive knowledge and experiences in Nursing leads her to teach her clients from the heart and provide a safe, holistic and client-centred exercise to improve their strength, mobility and function. Jenny teaches classes in both Korean and English.

Jenny’s goal is to share the philosophy of core strength and body control and help the clients reach their fitness goals and discover the benefit of Pilates.

필라테스강사 제니입니다

수술실 간호사 출신 강사로써 병원 임상실무경험으로 질환 및 신체기능/해부 인지도를 가지고있으며, 재활 운동으로 발달된 ‘필라테스’의 본질과 철학에 맞춰 회원님 개개인에게 맞는 체계적인 맞춤시퀀스로 수업을 진행해드리겠습니다

제 삶에서 필라테스를 접하게 된 계기는 일상생활에 영향을 줄 정도로 고통스러웠던 허리통증때문이었습니다. 한의원, 도수치료, 물리치료등을 다니며 치료도 받아보았지만 큰 효과를 얻지못하였지만 필라테스를 통해 몸의 변화를 직접 경험했습니다

필라테스는 제 삶의 활력소이자 원동력입니다

정신과 몸이 연결되어있음을 호흡과 운동을 통해서 느끼게되었고 그 에너지를 회원님께 나눠드릴수있다는 점에 늘 감사하고 행복합니다

Languages spoken

– Korean
– English


  • Currently upgrading to Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction
  • Certificate in Kinesiology & Clinical Myology – Vertebral Column (South Korea)
  • Certificate of Recognition of Shoulder joint part (South Korea)
  • Certificate in Rehabilitation Anatomy (Sydney)
  • Certificate in Pilates instruction in Matwork/Reformer/Cadillac/Wunda Chair/Barrel and Small Apparatus (Wellness Pilates Sydney)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (University of Technology Sydney)
  • Bachelor of Laws & International and Global Studies (University of Sydney)


  • Aligned for life Pilates – CBD – Studio Instructor


  • 2021 – Teaching the Pilates method and counting
  • 2015 – Registered Nurse