Julia Goodsall

“Empower my clients, family and friends with the knowledge that their minds and bodies, working in unison, have boundless potential, and that they have the power to unlock that potential and take control of their own health and fitness span.”

For Julia, four powerful words – BREATH, MINDFULNESS, MOVEMENT and CONTROL – have been the keys to rediscovering an active and pain-free life. These words have not only allowed her to achieve her personal goals but also to inspire others to do the same: to be active, well, strong and flexible for life and to truly live life rather than merely observing others live theirs.

Her journey began in 2017 when she found herself facing progressively worsening joint pain and the prospect of hip surgery. At the suggestion of her mother, she ventured into the world of Pilates at a local studio. Within weeks, Julia experienced a remarkable transformation – growing stronger and eventually becoming pain-free, as well as developing an insatiable curiosity to delve deeper into this transformative practice.

Over the years, Julia’s initial desire to help herself evolved into an unwavering commitment to “give back” and empower others to lead active, pain-free lives. In 2021, Julia embarked on a formal path by enrolling in the Mat Work Certificate program with National Pilates Training, which quickly progressed to completing the Diploma of Pilates Instruction.

Her prior background in Retail Management, Merchandise Control and Logistics instilled in her the ability to not only listen to clients but also to keenly observe their actions and reactions and then analyse their needs. This skill set seamlessly translates into assessing her clients’ movements, comfort levels and individual requirements in the Pilates studio.

Julia is deeply excited to continue her exploration of the Pilates Method and its potential to enhance the lives of people from all walks of life. Witnessing the moment when clients connect the dots and grasp the power of Pilates through the fusion of breath, mindfulness, movement and control is a source of immense joy and motivation for her.

The potential of our bodies and minds is boundless.


  • English
  • Italian


  • Diploma Pilates Instruction
  • Certificate IV Retail Management


  • Aligned for Life Pilates CBD (2022)
  • English Teacher & Translator (Italy 5 Years)


  • Pilates Method Teaching 2022 (and counting)
  • Pilates Method Practicing 2017 (and counting)