In 2012, 66% of people over 50 had osteoporosis or osteopenia. By 2022 this will increase by 31%  to 6.2 million Australians with this condition, equating to 183,105 fracture each year and a cost of $3.84 billion. Despite many considering this a ‘women’s disease’, men account for up to 30% of these fractures and costs.

So what can we do? Get moving.

Exercise, including the Pilates method, plays an important role in building and maintaining bone and muscle strength. It also helps to reduce falls by improving balance and aids rehabilitation from fractures.

It’s also a condition we need to address in our youth so we can prevent it, rather than trying to manage it in our later life. Research has shown physically active young girls gain about 40% more bone mass than the least active girls of the same age. Just a 10% increase I peak bone mass in children, reduces the risk of an osteoporotic fracture during adult life by 50%.

So move it or lose it!