Meet Daniel Sculli

Daniel is a hairdresser and works in a high profile and very busy salon. His working days are long and intense as is probably common for successful salons in this industry.

Daniel favours his right leg when standing at work, and his working postures are relatively static or with small ranges of movement. As you can imagine, he spends a lot of his day holding his arms up and away from his body. This creates tightness in the front of his upper body and fatigue in his upper back. 

We always start with release work and Daniel has massage balls at home to continue this.

Today we are working on the Reformer doing kneeling arm press with a band around Daniel’s legs, just above his knees. You’ll notice that he is in a hinged position. This is a great exercise for Daniel as he works his glutes equally especially with the knee band and can ensure correct upper body connection for his arm work.


Q&A with Daniel:

Why did you come to Pilates?

I was having a lot of work related back issues that I wanted to get sorted. Pilates was something that people had recommended for a while. I came to you, and I’m loving it!

What difference have you noticed since you came to Pilates; what has changed in your body?

I’m a lot more flexible and I’m waking up fresher in the mornings.

In day-to-day life, maybe at work, what have you noticed that you might do differently?

Correcting my posture. Things that I used to do incorrectly before, now I’m noticing and fixing up so that I’m having less pain and less issues.