Meet Rebecca

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I’m one of the instructors at the Moonee Ponds studio. I love the way that Pilates makes me feel, strong, flexible, capable and invigorated. After every session I feel that I have grown a little taller and the benefits of breathing properly for an hour are noticeable. I love sharing that feeling with others so that they too can feel the benefits.

I discovered Pilates for myself over ten years ago in my mid-thirties and originally I started teaching matwork. Seeing my clients grow stronger over time and master exercises that they originally struggled with gave me such a sense of accomplishment that I decided to add studio work to my Pilates qualifications and initiate a complete career change. My background was originally in the hospitality industry and then in Holistic Nutrition for many years. Although I loved aspects of these fields I found myself increasingly in administration and management roles that required large amounts of time sitting at a computer and my body was suffering for it!

I’ve always loved learning and I’ve also discovered over the years that I love teaching. Taking the leap to upgrade to the diploma from the matwork certificate after my positive experiences with teaching seemed like the natural thing to do. I found the workload of the course to be particularly challenging however the knowledge gained and the rewards that I am now reaping were well worth the effort.

Pilates is such an intelligent exercise modality that can be applied to all ages and all capabilities, limited or not. The repertoire and the equipment are infinitely adaptable and can be modified for the absolute beginner right through to the super advanced, providing endless variety.

Movement is necessary to life and Pilates is such a fabulous and fun way to move and I love helping others feel that sense of freedom in their bodies.

Rebecca’s Favourite Warm Up Exercises

I always love including Pelvic Curls in my warm up as they are a challenge for my posture type (lordotic with classic weak hip extensors and tight hip flexors along with abs that need waking and a tight lumbar. I am also tight through the thoracic and pectorals). To get the most out of Pelvic Curls I include all or some of the following before I get there- Roll Downs, Cat Stretch with extension, Thoracic Extension over the FR and Single Leg Pelvic Presses. I’ll show you each exercise!

Roll downs

Although seen as controversial I always love using this exercise at the beginning of a workout or warm up. It really gets me to focus on articulating through my spine, especially releasing the lumbar musculature. It also wakes up my abdominals to connect into my centre and brings my focus to my breath and concentration to my muscle alignment and overall mobility.

Cat stretch with extension

Again, this provides more mobilisation through the spine. Flexion through the lumbar and much needed extension in the thoracic. This exercise also brings my awareness to shoulder stabilisation as well as my abdominals once again.

Thoracic Extension over Foam Roller

This provides me with yet more thoracic spine mobilisation and release, massages the lower scapulas, opens the chest and feels quite delicious on my body!

Single Leg Pelvic Press

This exercise really gets me to fire up my hip extensors and glutes as well as stabilising through the torso and pelvic complex. It’s the final wake up call before I Pelvic Curl.

Pelvic Curls with feet on wall


Pelvic Curls challenge the strength of my hip extensors, my abdominals and my back extensors. They also test the flexibility of my hip flexors and the articulation through my spine. By having my feet on the wall there is more room for range through the articulation of the spine. The stability in my shoulder girdle is measured and the work in my leg abductors versus the adductors is highlighted. An overall challenge for me that exposes all of my weaknesses and an exercise that I return to continually.