Oxygen Levels, Persistent Cough and Incontinence

Some of our clients would rather stay anonymous, but their Pilates stories are just as important. Please read about how the Pilates method assisted this client to increase her oxygen saturation levels, eliminate a persistent cough and improve her continence.

Client Anonymous:

I commenced at Aligned for Life Pilates in May 2019, because I had been suffering from a constant cough for 5 years and my oxygen saturation levels were low.

Despite using cortisone nose spray and steroid/cortisone for my chest, as I suffered from allergies, the cough persisted.

I was tested on three occasions for asthma, but all the results were negative. In 2016, I was admitted to hospital due to the lower part of my lungs collapsing (for the second time) and bronchitis. My specialist advised me that I wasn’t breathing properly due to a weakness in the diaphragm.  Unfortunately, at the time I couldn’t find anyone to help me.

‘At the time I couldn’t find anyone to help me’

Then in 2019 when my doctor advised me that my oxygen saturation levels were low, my daughter who had been referred to Aligned for Life Pilates by her Gynaecologist, suggested I join her. My children gave me a Mother’s Day Gift for the first 10 Sessions.

At the time I was also suffering from incontinence, which affects many women after multiple pregnancies – unfortunately the cough made it worse.

Even though I was constantly coughing throughout the Pilates sessions, Rebecca (my instructor) exhibited extreme patience & kindness.

‘My instructor exhibited extreme patience & kindness’

After 9 months of Pilates, through Rebecca’s affects & expertise, my oxygen saturation levels are normal (between 96/98) and my cough has stopped.

‘My oxygen saturation levels are normal. My cough has stopped. My incontinence has also improved dramatically’

My incontinence has also improved dramatically, and I am extremely grateful for the help I’ve received, which has improved my life.

I certainly recommend Aligned for Life Pilates to anybody who has medical issues.

Aligned for Life Pilates – Anonymous Client


Coordination of the Diaphragms.

This Pilates story demonstrated the importance of the coordination between the breathing diaphragm and the pelvic floor diaphragm, which are then integrated with the deep postural muscles of the abdominals and spine.


The coordination of all these muscles in a healthy body is activated in anticipation of movement to provide a stable base from which we can move.  Generally, we really don’t have to think about it!

Unfortunately, this coordinated effort can become dysfunctional if there is a disruption to any part of the system. This may be due to surgery, injury, pregnancy, respiratory disorders or inactivity. This is when it is important to consciously focus on re-establishing the synergy between these muscles and functional stability of the torso.  The Pilates Method can play a major role in this. 

For more information on breathing and posture, please make sure you read Ben’s blog, as well as being brave enough to talk to your instructor if you have any issues.