Meet Marion

Meet Marion, our young client who still works at her family business ‘The Chocolate Box’ and comes to Pilates 3 times per week! Marion’s enthusiastic approach to life and Pilates has allowed her to get the most out of it, and because of her commitment and consistency she is able to progress at an amazing speed.

Pilates is the joy I have!

‘I thoroughly enjoy Pilates. It’s the joy I have! I come 3 times a week because I so enjoy it, I feel so empowered and my body feels totally different after a session. It gives me such vitality.

I’ve overcome various frightful things and my body has let me down in some way over the years, so Pilates has put all that thought back and it’s given me energy back in order to go forward after getting cancer, getting a pacemaker and also breaking my wrist. I never thought I would get back and each time was a big climb, but Pilates has managed to give me that energy and that vibrance to climb again.’

Leg Lifts in Side Plank

Throughout her youth, Marion was always at the gym doing weight training, but she has found that through using body weight, resistance bands, springs and light weights in Pilates she is able to get the same satisfaction and results, without the extra strain on her body. She also loves the variety in movement Pilates offers and her buzzing mind and body never get bored! Here she is executing beautiful leg lifts in a side plank – an exercise that she really enjoys and makes her feel empowered.

Wobble Board & Wrist Roller




After having a fall and breaking her wrist just over a year ago, Marion could hardly move her wrist without some pain! We gradually worked on restoring the range of movement throughout each session and added load so she could strengthen it again. Now Marion’s wrist doesn’t bother her at all! She’s also been working a lot on balance and has mastered balancing on the wobble board, bosu ball and spiky pods! In this exercise she gets to do both at once and also have a lot of fun at the same time. ‘Pilates has given me back my life in a sense. It’s fun, challenging and empowering – which after all is what we all want ultimately.’